05/07/2012 – lauzau

I’m convinced no one knows the greater Venice marketplace better than Terry. We saw numerous homes during our search where he had important historical details. In fact in several cases he had sold the property in the past. In several other cases he was familiar with the current owners and able to  give us insight as to how we could be most successful in our approach.

Without his expertise we would likely have made a mistake in our choice….. and a costly one at that!

His company is definetly customer/client focused. I’m from out of state and had very limited knowledge of local suppliers for necessary services i.e. inspections, mortgages, surveys etc. Terry and his staff had an impressive list of professionals who provided excellent value and results.

Terry was never a “pusher”. From the start we knew all he wanted was to see us get the home WE wanted and if we liked what/how he did, refer others to him.

I would refer Terry to anyone looking for a home or property on the Gulf Coast. I would do this with no hesitation as I know you will have the same productive and pleasurable experience and outcome I enjoyed!